Boys Chasing Geese, Ducks, and other Fowl

boys and seagulls Yesterday, I bared my soul to a group of women about the fact that I didn’t think it was too terribly awful that I let my sons chase herds of Canadian Geese when the opportunity presented itself. I shared that I didn’t see the harm in it, and that I actually enjoyed watching those hissing creatures take flight after the attack of four boys shouting, with hands waving above their heads. I mentioned to them about the elderly woman in Washington, DC who shared her disagreement with me in a brief conversation.

Of course, I feigned disgust at their “boyish” behavior, but secretly I liked watching the geese hiss and run into each other before finally lifting off the ground. I liked watching the boys run and laugh and smile at each other. I liked their sheer exuberance of life as they worked to be sure every last goose had indeed taken flight.

However, upon further reflection, I realized that they also chase squirrels. And chipmunks. And poke a random spider web. And kick a rogue ant hill…Hmmmmm.

Boys Chasing Geese, Ducks, and other Fowl

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