Speaking Topics

Its Not Just You, The Tough Parts of Mothering
This light- hearted talk openly discusses the most difficult parts of mothering that are often left unsaid. Isolation, guilt, lack of confidence and chaos management are just of few of the topics discussed in an entertaining manner.

Raising Grateful and Content Children
In a culture of more, more, more, this talk teaches parents to focus on “enough.” Humorous stories and practical ideas carry listeners on a journey to equip them to raise children who are grateful for what God has provided and content in a world of excess.

Different Children, Different Needs
Learn how to recognize the unique qualities that each child is born with. Identify these personality traits in each of your children so you can parent more effectively and understand them more completely.

Siblings Without Rivalry
Create harmony in your home by giving children skills to get along with each other. Learn how to nurture sibling relationships and deal more effectively with teasing, tattling and arguing.

Get A Grip On Your Finances
Encourages women to avoid budgeting pitfalls, be good stewards of their resources, set goals and find contentment. Learn how to see the role of culture in our financial choices.

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen
How we speak to our children has a tremendous impact on how our children respond to us. Learn strategies to promote obedience and more positive relationships with your children.

Other Parenting and Financial Topics
Available upon request.