Meet the Gang



Andy-: Andy and I met on my first day of college while I was still bringing in my luggage to my dorm room. That was almost 35 years ago. After 30 years of marriage, I have especially enjoyed this season of watching him navigate being dad to four young men. He is their role model, wrestling partner, encourager, confidant, first boss, and their source of wisdom. Somewhere along the line, Mom became less of a constant focus and Dad became the go-to. I don’t mind it at all!

Michael-age 22: Michael is a former strong-willed toddler who presented his new parents with endless challenges for almost 8 years. Currently he is a confident senior at Purdue who hasmichael chosen to use his God-given intensity for good. He is not involved in many school activities because he insists that he is focusing on “Balance” in his life. He loves Canada and Hawaii, a sweet girl named Kendyl, mechanical engineering, fishing, snow skiing, and hiking the Appalachian Trail. My favorite thing about Michael is having him call me for no reason and say, “Can we just talk? I  just miss talking to you every day.”


Bryan-age 20: Bryan was the easy-going, laid-back toddler who made us realize that Michael was indeed a difficult child. Bryan started running with his dad in second grade and has logged thousands of miles on the road
just talking about business deals and life. He has always possessed a maturity and seriousness that people notice. This year he is a junior at Purdue who loves weight lifting, golf, snow skiing, and biking.  After starting a landscaping business at age 10, he continues to grow his business as a realtor at FC Tucker and owner of three rental homes in Lafayette. He loves finding a house that needs his vision and handyman expertise and then finding renters who will care for it like it was their own. I love how Bryan can speak into adult situations with the wisdom and insight of someone so much older.



Christopher-age 18: Christopher was the perfect baby and the chattering toddler who would recite booreoks that we read to him. He was born with a bicuspid aortic valve which SHOULD have meant surgery at age 5o, but instead caused him to have open heart and brain surgery at age ten when he contracted a rare bacterial infection.  This year, Christopher is fully h
ealed and loves weight lifting, rock climbing, cooking, painting,classic rock, and hammocking with friends. He also loves hiking the AT and anything else outdoors. He works at REI helping people plan adventures to many of the same places he has loved traveling.  I love that Christopher is never bored and does things like read Hemingway for fun or chisel a picture of Jesus out of a piece of wood.

Matthew-age 16: Matthew began life with three big brothers and has not yet stopped trying to catch up with them. He is outgoing and full of energy and was my first kid to actually make conversations with strangers withoIMG_2459ut being prompted or embarrassed. He was also the first one to end up in the ER for stitches at age 2. He also has developed a love for working out at the gym and staying fit. He is competitive in everything and has a beautiful voice as he writes music and sings at the piano. He has presented us with a few challenging opportunities to parent him and enough “Matty Stories” to last a lifetime. Currently he loves the freedom of driving himself to work at Kroger and the gym. I love his affectionate personality and his heart for God and his desire to serve Him with his gift of leadership.